No pay is not kiff: The Kiffness gives SABC no pay, no play ultimatum

The group has pulled its music from the broadcaster's stations

06 August 2019 - 13:43 By Kyle Zeeman
The Kiffness is taking its fight to the SABC.
The Kiffness is taking its fight to the SABC.
Image: The Kiffness Instagram

Popular SA music act The Kiffness is tired of being "exploited" by the SABC and has pulled its music from the broadcaster until it starts paying artists "what's owed to them".

In a lengthy statement on social media, the group's David Scott said he had recently joined the South African Music Performance Rights Association (Sampra), which is responsible for paying artists royalties every time their songs are publicly played.

He alleged that after learning Sampra owed him R60,000 in needle-time royalties for playing his music in public spaces over the years, he was shocked to find that no money came from the SABC.

In response, he has refused to let the public broadcaster play any of his music until it starts paying artists.

Scott's said the decision had nothing to do with DJs at the SABC, many of whom were his friends.

"This message is directed at the useless a**holes at the top, who have no one’s interests at heart but their own."

He said he wanted to highlight the plight of artists and how they were "being robbed of their livelihood".

"By all means, if you like 5FM, keep listening. I don’t expect you to care that South African musicians are being robbed of their livelihood, but I think it’s important that this information becomes public knowledge. Do with it as you please. No pay, No play. It’s as simple as that."