'Is that where our Add Hope goes?': Mzansi touched by KFC's gift for Mihlali

KFC says no Add Hope was harmed in the gifting of Mihlali

08 August 2019 - 09:24 By Kyle Zeeman
Mihlali Ndamase and KFC were dragged for the exchange.
Mihlali Ndamase and KFC were dragged for the exchange.
Image: Mihlali N via Instagram

Vlogger and fashion influencer Mihlali Ndamase had social media hot under the collar on Wednesday when KFC came sliding into her DMs with a gift many felt was unfair.

The drama started when Mihlali tweeted that she had some serious KFC cravings and the restaurant came through with a "check your inbox" trick.

Innocent enough, neh.

That was until the other children on social media caught wind of it and started complaining about "favourite child" tendencies. They said it was unfair that the "coined" influencer was getting chow while the rest of us were out here with pap in the skaftin.

They pointed to UK-based media company Hopper HQ's recent list of influencers that claimed sis was coining about R25,000 for every Instagram post. They said she was monied enough, without getting free "treats" in the DMs.

As Mihlali's name trended on Twitter, users jokingly asked if the gift came courtesy of the Add Hope donations KFC asked its customers to contribute to.

Others defended the star, saying KFC had simply seen a marketing opportunity and grabbed it.

Even transport minister Fikile Mbalula joined in the fun, joking that Add Hope actually meant Add Mihlali.

KFC responded by reassuring the minister that the money went to charity and also spread the message to others who took jabs at the chain.

The restaurant also gave several lucky tweeps their own treats in the DMs.

Meanwhile, Mihlali was out here on some "cravings are sorted for a month".