How AKA copes with hate: 'Just pretend it's in a language you don't speak'

13 August 2019 - 11:15 By Kyle Zeeman
AKA has given his followers a tip on not getting pressed.
AKA has given his followers a tip on not getting pressed.
Image: @blaq_smith/ AKA Instagram

As one of the kings of Twitter, AKA knows a thing or two about dealing with hate on the platform and shared a gem to help the Megacy not get pressed when the trolls come calling.

The rapper can hardly post a thought without being applauded by some and criticised by others on social media.

And while the internet can sometimes be filled with hate, AKA took to Twitter on Monday to share how he copes.

"Next time someone says something insulting to you on Twitter, just pretend like it's in a language that you don't speak or understand."

He explained that hate is often not that deep and "just words at the end of the day", often from someone you don't even know.

"There's no use getting upset about it," he added. 

He agreed with a follower who added to the conversation by saying that you cannot control what people say to you, only how it affects you.

AKA doesn't let the social media hate get to him much and even joined in the #AKAwinanga social media trend mocking his loss at the BET Awards in June.

Last year he reflected on his relationship with the haters, claiming just two years before he had been "the most hated rapper" in the industry.