Penny Lebyane on Phat Joe: 'We don't have beef'

23 August 2019 - 11:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Penny Lebyane has opened up about her relationship with Phat Joe, and she says it's all love.
Penny Lebyane has opened up about her relationship with Phat Joe, and she says it's all love.
Image: Supplied (Penny Lebyane) and Supplied (Phat Joe)

After making several comments on social media slamming Phat Joe, Penny Lebyane has cleared the air on her relationship with the controversial radio DJ.

Penny was a guest on Joe's Radio 2000 breakfast show to honour remarkable women during Women's Month and the pair quickly moved to squash rumours of "beef" between them.

Joe said he had heard his name being thrown around social media and wanted to find out if they were cool. Penny responded by saying it was all love.

"We love each other, Joe. You and I are part of the same generation, we are the oldest now, so I don't feel like we have open conversations about things in the industry. I can talk to you directly, I can call you out. Other people can't because they are not your age, mate. I am just the people's advocate," she said, adding she was "the voice of reason".

Earlier this month Penny weighed in on Phat Joe's claim that Anele Mdoda had joined the Miss SA judging panel to merely make up the numbers, claiming that Joe "picked on strong girls for relevance".

"It's his weakness. He builds himself via women. [He] has always picked on strong girls for relevance."

Penny was asked about these comments and responded by claiming that Joe had always surrounded himself with hot girls and got attention because of it.

Penny was vocal about Joe's comments on gay people last month, which saw him suspended for a few weeks. She welcomed the suspension, claiming he was a "repeat offender".

Speaking to Joe this week, Penny said that in 2019 there were some topics that would lead to people catching feelings, and as part of the older generation of broadcasters, she felt it was her responsibility to guide him about what was appropriate.