IN MEMES | Sis Patty is back on The Queen and we are dying!

29 August 2019 - 11:49 By Kyle Zeeman
Thembsie Matu plays Petronella on The Queen.
Thembsie Matu plays Petronella on The Queen.
Image: Via instagram

Petronella once again had fans in fits of laughter with her advice to Vee on Thursday night's episode of The Queen

Vee is seeing flames at the moment because of Amo and her attitude towards her.

Amo came back to SA from America after her father, Jerry, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since then she's made Vee's life a living hell.

Gatvol, Vee went to visit Sis Patty for advice.

Petronella was frying slap chips while Vee was there and had her eye on the food the whole time.

But it was her advice to Vee that had the streets in stitches.

Sis Patty said that she would have taught Amo a lesson and given her a serious beating.

She then advised Vee to "just ignore her".

Vee said she's been leaving early to avoid Amo but Sis Patty said she shouldn't hide and suggested she leave her gun on the table to show she is in control.

The streets were defeated by Petronella and flooded social media with memes and messages about her and the "sage-like" wisdom.