Inside Shimza's plan to create one of Tembisa's hottest spots

30 August 2019 - 13:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Shimza is ready to shake up Tembisa.
Shimza is ready to shake up Tembisa.
Image: Instagram/ Shimza

Not content with taking his hella popular One Man Show series around the world, Shimza is bringing the love closer to home with his latest venture.

The star revealed on Thursday that he is building a kasi hangout spot in his home town of Tembisa.

The spot promises to be the one, with food, drinks and "the best entertainment with a great atmosphere".

The spot will be called The Hang Awt 1632, which is a play on the word "hang out".

Malume is was shy to reveal when exactly it will open but posted snaps of the building project and said it was a "work in progress".

The snaps also show how the pozi has gone from a pile of rubble to #MajorKeyLifestyle.

It is all part of Shimza's ongoing efforts to give back and uplift his hometown.

He holds an annual star-studded concert at the Mehlareng Stadium in Tembisa which has a daytime charity children's party for orphans in the community and hands out lunch and school shoes for the upcoming school year.

In 2016, he helped rebuild homes in the area after it was rocked by a devastating tornado that left dozens of people injured and hundreds of homes destroyed.

"Those of you who are available tomorrow, please can we meet at Boisantha in Tembisa tomorrow at 9am to go and help those who were affected yesterday, just helping them rebuild the shacks," he wrote on social media, while also encouraging those who were not available to spread the message.