AKA on Nigeria tweets: 'I have f**k all to apologise for, but I regret how everyone got involved'

05 September 2019 - 10:37
By Kyle Zeeman
AKA caused quite a fuss.
Image: AKA/Twitter AKA caused quite a fuss.

Even though his comments on Nigeria caused the internet to shake, sparked threats from other artists and their fans, and spawned the trending hashtag #HandsOffAKA, AKA says he has nothing to apologise for.

It all started when AKA weighed in on the recent violent looting of stores belonging to foreign nationals in Johannesburg and expressed his fears of raising his four-year-old daughter, Kairo, in such an environment.

Soon old soccer-related tweets about how he hated losing to Nigeria resurfaced and he was accused of being xenophobic. As AKA responded to the criticism, several Nigerian artists slammed him, with Davido calling him "disappointing".

In a statement from his management on Wednesday, AKA claimed he had been "taken out of context" and his words had been misrepresented. 

“I am unsure how innocent tweets over football have been taken so greatly out of context. I am saddened by the notion that I, Kiernan Jarred Forbes, dislike or hate Nigeria/Nigerians - I do not. These words never came from me. I am disheartened that anyone would believe I have negative feelings towards Nigeria and her citizens, as nothing could be further from the truth. At no point do I say anything negative about Nigeria," he said in the statement.

The rapper said his comments were "just banter" and said he was engaging with those who had criticised him, including former bestie Burna Boy to resolve any issues.

Taking to social media, the Baddest star added that he had nothing to apologise for,  but regretted how the situation had gotten out of hand.

Fans and friends of the rapper, including DJ Fresh defended the star as the hashtag #HandsOffAKA trended on Twitter.