Prince Kaybee wants to launch a song with your favs to address xenophobia and femicide

06 September 2019 - 08:00 By Masego Seemela
Prince Kaybee wants to bring Africans together with a new song.
Prince Kaybee wants to bring Africans together with a new song.
Image: Instagram/ Prince Kaybee

As reports of femicide and xenophobia dominate headlines this week house DJ Prince Kaybee is calling on music artists to come together through song. 

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter and urged artists to come together and "put positive thoughts on a song" that might help bring awareness to all the issues that the country was currently facing.

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He stated that most celebrities liked to tweet in the comfort of their homes and didn't act when it was time to do so.

Showing how serious he was about his "unity through song" suggestion, Prince Kaybee said: "I have a beat, I know its tense and being creative is the last thing on your minds. But tag your favorite artists to come on board and put positive thoughts on a song, it's not enough but its a step in the right direction."

The Gugulethu hitmaker explained that the issues affected everyone and people needed to be united in order to bring peace to Mzansi.

"By all means, get offended, but what I can tell you is that there is no sensitive issue like xenophobia that will run smoothly when discussed, people are bound to get offended because it's a serious issue that has gotten our men and women killed."

He also urged people who were in their feels about all the xenophobic issues that are currently taking place in the country to have the emotional intelligence and to acknowledge a debate that Africans needed to work towards peace. 

"We need each other now more than ever. Celebrities must stop tweeting from the comfort of their homes forgetting what people are going through on the street. I Love all Africans."

The producer firmly expressed that he didn't condone xenophobia and didn't have any reason to.

"It's just that this is a sensitive issue so people will get offended and we might disagree here and there. My African brothers cut the crap, let's unite."