Kim Jayde on xenophobia: 'We are honest, hardworking people'

07 September 2019 - 12:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Kim Jayde believes that Africans need to unite.
Kim Jayde believes that Africans need to unite.
Image: Instagram/Kim Jayde

It's been a sombre week in SA as violent xenophic attacks dominated headlines.

Several high-profile celebrities have joined calls for there to be an end to the violence, and Kim Jayde who is a Zimbabwean-born TV personality living and working in SA gave her perspective of the violence. 

"I am both: an immigrant and a woman living in South Africa! Watching the attacks on mostly Zimbabwean & Nigerian people, my brothers and sisters breaks my heart. Many of us immigrants and 'foreigners' came to SA leaving behind our homes, family & friends to seek an education, a job, a better life... we are honest, hardworking people that contribute positively to the economy & pay our taxes.

"And for that we are being beaten, murdered & our bodies burnt - these attacks did not just start now- it has been happening for years."