It’s a boy for 'Idols SA' runner-up Mmatema & the gender reveal was everything!

10 September 2019 - 14:00 By Masego Seemela
Mmatema Moremi is having a boy.
Mmatema Moremi is having a boy.
Image: Mmatema Moremi Instagram

Ncawww, Mmatema Moremi is having a boy and her gender reveal party was so much damn goals!

Mmatema and her hubby, Tshepo Gavu, hosted the cute reveal party for family and friends at the weekend. 

It was just days ago that the Idols SA runner-up announced her pregnancy with a snap of her baby bump and her hubby. 

Since then, people have been guessing whether it's a boy or a girl, and sis wasn't about to give it out like that. 

She finally broke her silence on Instagram on Monday.

In a post, she spoke about the hilarious moments she shared with family and friends as they tried to predict the gender of her baby. 

“After a really beautiful, chilly, emotional, fun, joyful day filled with love. Having prediction after prediction, the family going it's a girl, it's a boy. We popped the balloon and ... Mommy wins, it's a boy!” 

Known for sharing scriptures, the singer took to Instagram to thank those who attended the reveal celebration. 

For precious moments from the party, swipe left.

Mmatema got married in February and gushed over her bae on Instagram. She said she couldn't wait to spend forever with her husband. 

“I’ve always thought I knew what being loved was until I met Mr G, always thought I knew what being absolutely happy and complete was until I said I do, a lot of the things I believed I had figured out until Lu kissed his bride ko Moletlane yesterday.”