The Queen's Kagiso SNAPS and nearly kills Brutus and Shaka

10 September 2019 - 09:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Loyiso MacDonald plays Kagiso in 'The Queen'.
Loyiso MacDonald plays Kagiso in 'The Queen'.
Image: Supplied/ Loyiso McDonald

The Queen's Kagiso had the social media streets in a mess on Monday when he finally got his revenge on Brutus and Shaka, torturing them in a hella hectic episode.

Sgaqagaqa, as he's known in the drama series, has been shaking since he survived a bombing by Shaka and Brutus that was meant to kill Harriet.

He has been plotting his revenge and got his chance this week. While Brutus was hatching a plan to shoot Harriet, Kagiso called Shaka and told him he needed to tell him something, and he needed to bring malume with him.

Kagiso went all army-man mode and stabbed the pair with a syringe to make them sleep. They woke up to find themselves tied up and half-naked.

Brutus pleaded with Kagiso to just kill him, but Kagiso wasn't done.

He took a sprinkler and poured hot oil on the pair. He then threatened to pull out all of malume Brutus' teeth and finger nails, one by one.

Meanwhile, Harriet and the others couldn't get hold of the pair and were frantically searching everywhere.

They found an address in a notebook and went to a warehouse, where they walked in on the torture.

The incident sparked mixed reviews on social media. Some were glad that Kagiso wasn't killed in the explosion, while others were unhappy with the scene and felt cheated by the telenovela's scriptwriters. 

Kagiso was not the only character to have a near-death experience recently.

Jerry, who goes by โ€œJayโ€ now, survived a coma after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.