Malcolm X on black tax: We are poor but happy at heart

12 September 2019 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Businessman Malcolm X opens up about Black Tax.
Businessman Malcolm X opens up about Black Tax.
Image: Instagram/Malcolm X

The “People's Blesser” Malcolm X says he is “still poor but happy at heart” after years of giving “a small fortune” to family and relatives.

The star took to social media this week to weigh in on the topic of Black Tax and claimed that few people understood and implemented it like he does.

He said that over the years he had deprived himself of many luxuries so he could look after his family.

" I’ve deprived myself of most of life’s finer things so as to cater for family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, enemies, and total strangers.”

He claimed to have given away “a small fortune” to family and relatives, leaving him “poor but happy at heart.”

“Over the years, my mom and I gave away a small fortune, yet we are still poor, but happy at heart, and we sleep well in our respective humble habitats. Our poor background has instilled in us the culture of giving, and this [is] to our detriment.”

He acknowledged that there were people who lived better lives than him but said he had no regrets and would continue giving.

I’ve created jobs for some family members and sent some to schools, universities and colleges. Again, I’ll be attending my nephew’s graduation at UJ in a few weeks. Like a few other family members and relatives, he respected my money, and I am proud of him. Family first,” the businessman added.

His comments come just days after he revealed that he had spent R75,000 on groceries for family and relatives across the country.