K.O on claims he isn't giving talent a chance: No one owes you anything

26 September 2019 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
K.O hit back.
K.O hit back.
Image: Via K.O's Instagram

Rapper K.O has hit back at suggestions that he is shutting doors to the industry and making it difficult for other rappers to come through, slamming those with "entitlement" issues.

It all started when the rapper took to Twitter to claim that it was time for a "new wave of superstar artists, deejays, producers, manager, labels and execs".

His pleas got fans talking and they flooded the comments section with their thoughts on the game at the moment and opportunities for young artists.

One follower claimed that K.O was all tweet and no action, and should put people on.

K.O hit back by bringing receipts of his work with young talent and said two new artists would be releasing through his label in a few months.

"I've opened plenty doors for people in the past already, you just too blind to recognise that. Also picked up two new artists (both featured on my new album) and they be releasing their own material through my label in a few months. Relax."

One fan said that more artists needed to be signed and the rapper should stop "shutting doors".

"Sign us then and stop shutting doors," they wrote.

K.O was stinging in his response, telling the follower that no one owes them anything and calling out those with "entitlement issues".

"No one owes you anything, I've never heard of you for me to be shutting any doors on you. Folks with entitlement issues never get far anyway," he wrote.