Mihlali on naysayers: Hate usually comes from a dark place

01 October 2019 - 10:20 By Masego Seemela
YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase is being dragged for not being a beauty influencer.
YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase is being dragged for not being a beauty influencer.
Image: Instagram/mihlalii_n

Social media influencer and vlogger, Mihlali Ndamase, has hit back at critics who have questioned her influence in the beauty industry. 

She once again topped the Twitter trends list on Monday night after she was dragged  for apparently "not" having a huge impact. This after, a video of Mihlali and other influencers was shared on social media, rating them for their contribution in the industry. 

Even though naysayers tried to bring Mihlali down, her fans strongly defended her. 

Mihlali told TshisaLIVE that she pays no attention to the hate and would go about her day as usual. 

"I try not to respond to hate because I have more to lose. People who usually hate have nothing going on in their lives right now. I'm open to constructive criticism and people who deliver their message in a negative way, I tend to ignore because it usually comes from a very dark place."

This is not the first time that social media critics have taken jabs at Mihlali for apparently enjoying success due to "pretty privilege".

While people keep throwing shade and hate her way, Mihlali is, however, considered one of SA's most prominent social media influencers as well as making it on the most-paid beauty influencers list, bagging R25,000 per Instagram post.

Mihlali told Sunday Times that seeing her name on the list proved that her hard work was worth the effort.

"It's a reminder that I have come far and I can definitely get further. To be recognised among international stars isn’t child's play, it truly is a blessing."

Mihlali's interest in being a beauty influencer began when she started watching YouTube videos in grade 9. The main reason she wanted to pursue vlogging was so that she could teach people how to do their own makeup in the convenience of their homes which then gave birth to her own YouTube channel three years ago. 

Here's some of the reaction.