'They’re trying to silence us’- Losing Lerato creators on hacking of social media account

04 October 2019 - 08:00 By Masego Seemela
Kagiso and his daughter, Tshimollo Modupe.
Kagiso and his daughter, Tshimollo Modupe.
Image: Supplied

As he was about to enjoy the success of his hit movie, Losing Lerato, Kagiso Modupe's Instagram account has been hacked.

Kagiso took to Instagram on Wednesday using his Losing Lerato account and told his followers not to respond to any suspicious messages from his account.

"Please note that Kagiso Modupe’s account has been hacked. Please do not respond to any suspicious messages."

He then posted again and said he was grateful to his fans for the constant support of his movie. 

"You guys have rallied behind us since the beginning you’ve come out in numbers every week. This movie has broken all kinds of stereotypes about how black people never go to cinemas."

Losing Lerato is a beautifully told action/thriller about a young black man who takes matters into his own hands by kidnapping his daughter after the law and the woman he once loved separate him from her. His actions put him on a collision course with the police and he finds himself in a high-stakes hostage situation

The actor explained that Losing Lerato has been on top of the movie charts for three weeks in a row and it has been groundbreaking.

"This is all because of our supporters. Now Kagiso Modupe’s social media account has been hacked, they’re trying to silence us but we won’t be stopped."

Kagiso encouraged his fans that they should continue to make history. "The movie is still in cinemas, let’s make the devil mad."