Singer Karlien van Jaarsveld is pregnant with baby number 4

10 October 2019 - 09:19 By Masego Seemela
Karlien van Jaarsveld and Joe Breytenbach are expecting their second baby.
Karlien van Jaarsveld and Joe Breytenbach are expecting their second baby.
Image: Via Instagram

Singer Karlien van Jaarsveld is 13 weeks pregnant with baby number four.

Karlien confirmed to Huisgenoot that she and her husband, Joe Breytenbach, were expecting their second child.

She said the couple was shocked, as the new addition was unplanned, but that they couldn't be happier.

The singer also stated that her three children, Elah, two, and twins Daniel and Eliah, five, were looking forward to welcoming another sibling.

The twins are from Karlien's previous marriage to former rugby player Derick Hougaard.

Parenthood for Karlien and Joe has not been easy.

Their daughter was born with portal vein thrombosis. The condition causes blood clots to form in the portal vein, which is responsible for transporting blood from the liver to the intestine.

In a video on Instagram, the singer shared her pain in a heartfelt post in which she said Elah was set to have surgery. However, things didn’t go as planned, as doctors couldn't do anything for her.

“All we wanted after this massive procedure was for her to finally be healthy. Elah is in theatre at 5.30pm, the expected theatre time was four hours. At 8pm the doctor enters the paediatric hall, not where we expect him to be. We ran to meet him, scared, excited. He says, ‘she’s fine but I couldn’t do anything for her'.”