Stogie T on fake drip: You're not who you say you are, you're trying to con me

10 October 2019 - 08:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Stogie T has a word for those who are all about that fake-drip lifestyle.
Image: Via Tumi's Instagram Stogie T has a word for those who are all about that fake-drip lifestyle.

Rapper Stogie T has weighed in on peeps who flex with fake name brands and clothing, saying it leaves him feeling like the person is an impostor.

Stogie has seen it all as an OG in the hip-hop game and took to social media this week to reveal how his son tried to convince him to buy a fake Rolex.

The muso said his son told him it was cheaper than the original, which got him thinking about the amount of fong kong goods in the game.

“I think he has a point on the price (price point) but go buy a less expensive watch that isn’t a pretend Rolex. If you don’t believe it’s worth that much why you pretending you do? This makes me judge people who wear fake brands.”

He said sometimes people were conned or just didn't care, but his issue was those who were knowingly trying to deceive.

Stogie said such people made him feel like they weren't real. 

“I know, sometimes you can be conned or you don’t care, like I have seen guys do the garden in them fake Yeezy’s or seen guys at the gas station with the fake Gucci t shirt under the overalls. Cool that’s whatever.

“But for the iconic, highly sought after items like watches, luxury clothes or certain car badges I just get the feeling you trying to tell me something. That you are not who you say you are. Like you are trying to con me. Worse still yourself. Maybe it got nothing to do with me.”

He said he wasn't going to lose sleep over it, but wanted his followers to know that he was authentic to the core.

“It’s really none of my business what you wear or put on the back of your car. I just know that I would rather earn something than pretend I did. How can you celebrate or be proud of or even recognise a real ‘W’ when you spent years pretending you had one.”