Fans want Somizi back after Tol Ass Mo’s reality show gets off to a rocky start

11 October 2019 - 10:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Tall Ass Mo and his wife, Mome, have their own reality show.
Tall Ass Mo and his wife, Mome, have their own reality show.
Image: Via Instagram

Maybe it was because we were all celebrating the US government coming for the Guptas or it has been a long week, but Mzansi was just not that impressed by Tol Ass Mo and Mome's reality show.

Mo and Mome debuted on Mzansi Magic on Thursday night, replacing Somizi's reality show. And soon some fans were longing for Somizi's show to come back.

The brand of comedy was really different to what many are used to and, while many were not impressed at first, they did see a silver lining in the couple's daughter Khumo.

Her quirky lines and hilarious commentary had the internet in stitches.

Of course this is not the first time the family have had a reality show. In 2013 they featured in Mo Love, which aired on Vuzu.

The couple were hoping their comedy would still have Mzansi laughing six years later and there were a few people who defended them, telling the haters to change the channel if they didn't like it.

Soon the internet was filled with memes in reaction to the show.