Idols SA fans left fuming - ‘Voting for the twins cost us Mangaliso'

14 October 2019 - 10:10 By Kyle Zeeman
Mangaliso was booted off the show this week.
Mangaliso was booted off the show this week.
Image: Idols SA YouTube

Idols SA fans were left fuming on Sunday after Mangaliso was eliminated from the popular TV singing competition.

It was a nail-biting moment before it was announced that Mangaliso had received the lowest number of votes.

She was gracious in her exit, hugging her fellow contestants as she left the stage

But on social media things were not as civil, with fans blaming the twins' popularity for Mangaliso's exit.

They claimed everyone was so preoccupied with voting for the twins that they forgot sis behind.

Others argued that the hype around the twins was blinding everyone to the real talent, and were not impressed by the twins performances.

Virginia divided the judges with her performance of Mafikizolo and Uhuru’s Khona.

Unathi said Virginia gave an all-round good performance, but Abrahams wished she had enjoyed the performance more. Somizi said it was nothing spectacular.

Viggy received the biggest applause of the evening for her performance of Hamba by Zanda Zakusa

“Finally, the show begins!” he exclaimed.

Fans on social media weren't convinced and many felt Mangaliso could have performed better than the twins combined.

They made their feelings known through memes and messages, which saw Mangaliso top the trends list.