From the horse's mouth: Internet in freak-out mode after Sizwe Dhlomo's clapbacks

17 October 2019 - 10:37 By Kyle Zeeman
Sizwe Dhlomo put trolls in their places.
Sizwe Dhlomo put trolls in their places.
Image: Lee Warren/Gallo Images

Sizwe Dhlomo had the internet on edge on Wednesday with his hectic clapbacks on Twitter.

The star recently acquired two horses, which he paraded on social media.

Some were impressed, but many were more entertained by the spicy clapbacks Sizwe dished out to those who criticised his purchase.

One fan got a serious burn when he called the horses ugly, only to be served with, “at least they're horses, what's your excuse?”.

Fans had barely caught their breaths when Siz hit another user with a stinging response to their criticism of the horses' names. He told the tweep to fix it when they got horses of their own.

He sent another user spinning when he told them to act their “wage” and go “hustle student housing”.

Even Khanyi Mbau wasn't safe.

Actual footage of Siz ...

Social media was a mess over the clapbacks and soon TLs were in meltdown mode as everyone scrambled to find cover from Sizwe and his Twitter fingers.

Not only was Sizwe trending, but so were the names of his horses and the phrase, “act your wage”.

In short, it was a bloodbath.