IN MEMES | ‘SA women prefer food’ - Uyang'thanda Na date went horribly wrong

17 October 2019 - 09:38 By Kyle Zeeman
Moshe is the host of 'Uyang'thanda Na'.
Moshe is the host of 'Uyang'thanda Na'.
Image: Moshe's Instagram

Uyang'thanda Na fans were ready to cancel Tshepo after the dude appeared on the show on Wednesday night to profess his love for Miyolo.

The only issue was that Tshepo already has something going on with his girlfriend Mbali and his crush, Miyolo doesn't know.

The situation was more confusing than the weather in Joburg.

Tshepo was ready to risk it all by confessing his love to Miyolo but the Mbali situation was causing stress.

Things got even more complicated when it emerged that Miyolo seems to already have a bae of her own.  

The date was super tense, with dude even bringing flowers to try woo her. One fan tweeted, “Doesn't he know South African women prefer food?”

Fans had their own views on what was happening on the show and soon filled social media with memes and comments about the love triangle (or square).