Black Coffee commends DJ Themba for starting 'afresh'

24 October 2019 - 07:00 By Masego Seemela
Black Coffee is totes proud of DJ Themba, formally known as Euphonik.
Black Coffee is totes proud of DJ Themba, formally known as Euphonik.
Image: Instagram/ Black Coffee

Black Coffee has given props to his buddy DJ Themba, formally known as Euphonik, for having the guts and strength to start a new journey to the top again.

Black Coffee, who's known for supporting fellow DJs and giving credit where it's due, showed some appreciation to Themba for "literally dropping everything and starting from the bottom".

The international DJ who's been doing the most up in these streets shared a video on social media to acknowledge Themba for making a total 180 degrees in his life.

"Ntwana, Themba these past two years you've shown me it's never too late to start ... and literally dropped everything and started from the bottom. I'm truly proud of you." 

Although Black Coffee didn't go into too much detail on what he meant when he said Themba was "starting from the bottom" but judging from his name change, it looks like there's more to look forward to from DJ Themba.

The DJ duo have been "hustling" hard in Ibiza this summer season and being away from home can really leave you out of the loop on the latest craze in Mzansi streets.

To show how out of touch they were with what's happening in SA, Black Coffee shared a hilarious clip that he believed represented him and Themba returning to Mzansi in December and not knowing what's up.