WATCH | Black Coffee’s reaction to seeing himself on a billboard is everything!

'I like the fact that you make success look so easy and effortless. Stay winning. May our dreams become a reality'

25 October 2019 - 13:00 By Masego Seemela
Black Coffee is making big moves in the States.
Black Coffee is making big moves in the States.
Image: Instagram/DJ Black Coffee

If one were to ask who 2019 belonged to, many would say Black Coffee, who's been making all the right moves on these international streets.

The ultimate SA party-starter and world-renowned producer was driving in the streets of Los Angeles, US, when he stumbled upon a pic of himself on a billboard.

In a video on social media, Black Coffee said: “I think I know that guy over there, I know you, dude. I know you,” he excitedly said, as he drove past the billboard.

Last month, the DJ appeared in a video with Usher on a billboard in New York's famous Times Square.

It was to promote the pair's hit song, LaLaLa, which has had everyone stannin TF about!

This is not the first time Black Coffee has been on a billboard in LA. In May, the Your Eyes hitmaker featured on one advertising his residency at Wynn, a luxury resort in the city.

As always, his Mzansi fans were inspired and stanned over what a legend he was.