Focalistic on breaking out of iPitoli: You become comfortable as an artist in PTA

28 October 2019 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Focalistic is winning 2019 HARD.
Focalistic is winning 2019 HARD.
Image: Austin Malema

Focalistic has emerged as one of the biggest artists to come out of Pretoria in a while and the star told TshisaLIVE that the capital can sometimes be a trap for the local artists there.

The Pitori-based rapper has gone national, performing week in and week out at some of the hottest venues around the country. He will join some of the biggest acts in Mzansi on stage at the Rage In The City Concert in Johannesburg from November 29 to December 1.

While he is proud of his hometown, he told TshisaLIVE that artists need to keep pushing themselves to reach more audience.

“We have had that conversation around Pretoria artists for years but I think that the way you push your music is important. You can be proudly from Pretoria but attract a national fan base. I haven't felt the struggle. I know people say they are struggling but not me.”

He acknowledged that breaking out the PTA party scene can be hard and said that some of the reason for the struggle was because PTA artists were living their best lives there.

“I don't think it is a negative thing. I think it is because of the love and support you get from audiences in PTA. It is so big that you can literally play four or five gigs every weekend around Pretoria and be fine. It is a party capital. You become so comfortable as an artist.”

The Shoota Moghel hitmaker has worked with Major League and Gigi Lamayne in the past but says his proudest moment so far was when his mom said she was proud of him.

“There have been moments that have been crazy like when people stop me at the mall I have always gone to growing up. I appreciate every little moment, especially ones like that. The biggest one for me, though, was my mom saying she was proud of me. That meant a lot.”

He promised fans of Rage In The City an explosive performance filled with high-energy.

“It will be really fun. We don't take ourselves so seriously. It is about just losing yourself and having fun.”