SK Khoza: Shaka won't return to 'The Queen', despite petition

31 October 2019 - 09:45
By Masego Seemela
SK Khoza played Shaka in 'The Queen'.
Image: Via SK Khoza's Instagram SK Khoza played Shaka in 'The Queen'.

As fans try to come to terms with Shaka's death in The Queen, actor SK Khoza has shut down any chance that a petition for his return will change his mind.

The petition, started by a fan, demanded that Ferguson Films reconsider the termination of SKs contract. If the production company could not do that, the fan asked that he at least be given an honourable send-off.

Speaking to Metro FM on Thursday morning, SK said he was humbled by the love from fans, but despite the petition, he would not return to the telenovela.

“I don't know the person who started the petition. I am touched by it, but I don't have any intentions of looking into it. I'd really like to get to know who that person is.” 

“I mean, Shaka has been on the show for four years. It's such a long time ... I am pleased with the fact that I did as much as I could for the character, and in the short space of time in terms of the storyline I'm happy with what I did.” 

SK said his character had fulfilled his role and the Shaka storyline had to come to an end.

He said the only thing that left a sour taste was people saying he was fired because he was difficult to work with. He said he had worked hard and had received a contract with Ferguson Films immediately after he finished playing Shaka. The contract is for a show called Kings of Joburg, in which he will star alongside his brother. 

Shaka was suffocated to death by his brother, Kagiso, during an argument with Dingane. The scene left many fans angry and frustrated.

They took out their frustration on Dingane, demanding he be killed off and Shaka come back from the dead.