AKA on Cassper stans always dragging him: 'It’s one of the reasons I'm still relevant and hot'

05 November 2019 - 06:00 By Masego Seemela
AKA has thanked Cassper Nyovest fans for keeping him relevant.
AKA has thanked Cassper Nyovest fans for keeping him relevant.
Image: Blaq Smith / AKA Instagram

Rapper AKA is grateful to Cassper Nyovest's fans for making him and his brand relevant till today.

The Supa Mega clapped back at a hater who tagged him in a tweet with a picture that showed Cassper surrounded by thousand of fans.

As AKA was busy preparing for his orchestra event in Durban, the fan took a jab at him to remind him how much he was affected by his nemesis Cassper Nyovest's success.

The tweep wrote: “Every time AKA gets to see this picture by Cassper, he doesn't eat for the whole day”.

While some felt that the tweep might have a point, others reminded him that AKA had apparently achieved more than Cassper, giving him examples such as AKA's recent diamond and platinum-status plaques.

In the past AKA might have called the hater out, but in a surprising turn of events - or maybe it was the eThekwini air - he showed him love instead.

He responded by telling the tweep that he loved how Cassper's fans always found a way to involve him in almost everything, which is the reason he is still relevant to this day.

This isn't the first time that fans have pitted AKA and Cassper against each other. Last month some tried their luck by asking the two to make up and do a collabo.

AKA, however, slammed the calls for unity in the hip-hop community and shut down possibilities of a collab with his "rival".

"Don't tell me about 'We wanna see you and so and so and so and so do a track and bring the game together'. You love beef too much!" he responded at the time.