Pearl Thusi on tribalism: Let's allow people to be happy

12 November 2019 - 13:43 By Unathi Nkanjeni
Pearl Thusi has defended Unathi Nkayi.
Pearl Thusi has defended Unathi Nkayi.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Thusi

Tribalism chats on social media have been a hot topic lately, after Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi's comments about Xhosa people being “tired of holding up the nation”.

Unathi made the comment after contestant Luyolo's performance on Sunday and reflected on the accomplishments of Xhosa people this year.  

Unathi has since apologised, saying she was wrong and shouldn't have made the joke.

Weighing in with a series of tweets, TV personality Pearl Thusi wrote: “The hypocrisy on this platform knows no bounds."

In a now-deleted tweet, the actress said if Zulu people were dominating like Xhosa people were, she would not hesitate to celebrate.

"When Zulu people have a big week, please be ready for me being proud of my tribe. [It] doesn't mean I hate other tribes or putting them down. Let's celebrate each other and allow people to be happy," she said.

She added that those who teased a group of people or tribe were the same ones who didn't want to celebrate them.