IN MEMES | Could 'Skeem Saam’s' Kele have left with ‘missing’ Rachel Kunutu or Leshole?

13 November 2019 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Lesego Marakalla plays the role of Rachel Kunutu on 'Skeem Saam'.
Lesego Marakalla plays the role of Rachel Kunutu on 'Skeem Saam'.
Image: YouTube/ Skeem Saam

Skeem Saam fans are gatvol with the police not being able to track down Kele and now think that she might be with Leshole or Rachel Kunutu.

You see, some of our favs have been missing on screen for some time now and the people are not impressed.

They want to know where Rachel, Big Boy and Leshole all are. Wherever they are, they think that Kele is there too.

Kele went missing several weeks ago and police on the show are still scratching their heads and trying to make sense of it.

But fans are getting impatient, and at this rate think the storyline will drag till 2021.

Others pointed out that the show's police are just as "incompetent" as the real life ones and it's impossible for them to solve the mystery so quickly.

So people complaining about the Kele story being dragged aren't worried the school learners taking the exact number of years to complete high school? Where have you seen a missing and murder case in SA solved within a week?” user @MakuaThail wrote.

The show topped the Twitter trends list on Tuesday as fans speculated over Kele's location and called for the return of their favs.