Emtee: Ladies, pocket-watching us is not cute, earn your sh*t

20 November 2019 - 14:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Emtee has some advice for ladies of Mzansi.
Emtee has some advice for ladies of Mzansi.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

Rapper Emtee has never been shy to jump on Twitter and tweet his mind and he grabbed the mic again on Tuesday with a message for all the ladies out there.

The Pearl Thusi hitmaker warned women not to be dependent on men and their pockets, and instead earn their own coins.

Responding to a tweet about financial literacy and women thinking you are rich when you drive a fancy car, Emtee sarcastically asked, “where the e-wallet h*es at”?

He then went in hard, telling women to stop looking at their man for help.

“Ladies, pocket-watching us as men is not cute. Earn your shit,” he wrote.

While some called the rapper out for generalising, he stood by his comments.

Emtee has spoken before about gold diggers and slammed any suggestions that his missus was coming for his coins.

“There was stuff that was said about my wife being a gold digger and I asked myself, which gold? Because I am not rich. She was with me when I didn't even have a R1 [coin], when I didn't have a home. She used to sneak me in her crib. So now suddenly she has turned into a gold digger?” he told Slikour in September.

The Twitter bars went in hard on many of Emtee's followers and soon the comments section was filled with messages urging him to preach some more.