Cassper on fake friends: The realest n*gga could be your biggest hater

30 November 2019 - 10:00 By Masego Seemela
Cassper Nyovest has learnt a thing or two about friendship.
Cassper Nyovest has learnt a thing or two about friendship.
Image: Twitter/Cassper Nyovest

As the day of his #FillUpRoyalBafokeng concert grows closer, Cassper Nyovest has come to appreciate things that he didn't always before - such as friendship. 

Frustrated by the pressure and demands that come with planning the event, Cassper shared that this year has given him deeper insight into friendships.

"This year taught me two things: nothing is personal and how you feel about n*ggas doesn't mean shit. The realist n*gga around you could be your biggest hater and you won't even know it," he wrote on Monday.

"Play everything by ear. Today we are brothers, tomorrow we're rivals. That's just life. You do you!"

On Tuesday, the morning after the tweet, he admitted that he didn't have a good day on Monday, but was determined to "push" and continue to stay the optimistic person he always is. 

"Yesterday was a tough day. I don't usually have bad days as I am an optimistic human in general, but man, it gets hard sometimes. I get weak sometimes. Today's [a] new day [though]. Gotta push! Pray until something happens!"