'I was hurting at the time'- Prince Kaybee apologises for TNS comments

02 December 2019 - 12:30 By Masego Seemela
Prince Kaybee has apologised for the comments he made about TNS.
Prince Kaybee has apologised for the comments he made about TNS.
Image: Instagram/ Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee has come under fire for the comments he made about music producer TNS during an interview.

Over the weekend a snippet video of the renowned DJ speaking to MacG on Podcast and Chill with MacG surfaced. In the video he was speaking badly about TNS.

Kaybee spoke about the early days of meeting the now “made” producer, and revealed how broke he was.

He insinuated TNS was so broke that he didn't have underwear, and claimed he was showering with shampoo.

In an interview with Zkhiphani in March, TNS claimed Kaybee had failed to give him credit for most of the songs he produced, including Club Controller

Kaybee's comments did not sit well with many people who called him out. Soon the muso was on the trends list for his comments.

Even rapper Cassper Nyovest said Kaybee's comments were not called for.

Feeling remorseful about his actions and what he said, Kaybee apologised on Twitter. He told followers he was hurting at the time he made the comments about TNS.

He claimed the interview took place a while ago when he was “beefing” with TNS over a money dispute, and he regretted all the foul things he said about him.

“I was hurting at the time and everything I said came from a dark, dirty place of disappointment because of all the things that happened between TNS and I. This happened while TNS and I were fighting. I am sorry to all the people I have disappointed.”

Kaybee said he and TNS had ended their beef.

“The interview was taken a while ago before TNS and I squashed our beef. I’m not proud of what I said and people say disappointing things when angry. I apologise profusely.”

He said because of the issues and dispute he had with TNS, it made him resort to saying hurtful things.

“In the midst of hate and disappointment, you lose your moral sense and foul-mouth people. I regret not taking control of the situation because I genuinely appreciate TNS as a person and an artist. Again I apologise.”

Although TNS has not responded to Prince Kaybee's apology, he had earlier shared a snap of the pair together.

To prove there was no doubt about their relationship, Kaybee posted a video on Monday morning of him and TNS enjoying "music" and said:"Let the bloggers talk."