AKA tattoo has the internet in tears: Here are five reactions, including AKA’s

03 December 2019 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
A fan had his arm tattooed with rapper AKA's face.
A fan had his arm tattooed with rapper AKA's face.
Image: Instagram/ AKA

Dezemba has arrived and everyone is going crazy, especially over a tattoo one fan got of his idol rapper, AKA.

Some fans show their devotion by buying all their fav's music or travelling across the country to watch them at gigs, but one man put his love for AKA in ink on his body.

Super fan Boipusho took to Twitter this week to post a snap of AKA's face and name tattooed on his arm.

He said the tattoo was done “for the love of Mega” and tagged his idol.

Soon the internet was in chaos mode as other users gave their two cents on the tat.

Here are some of the reactions:

What the Mega said

AKA saw it and was flattered. The Baddest rapper said he would like to meet the fan, and then reflected on how he had tattoos of his idols and people were now getting tattoos of him.

Tread carefully, he may block you

Rasta, is that you?

You could have chosen anyone. Why the Mega?

Don't listen to the haters