Fans think Prince Kaybee just threw shade at Cassper 'Sasko Sam' Nyovest

03 December 2019 - 09:48
By Kyle Zeeman
Was Prince Kaybee throwing shade at Cassper?
Image: Instagram/ Prince Kaybee Was Prince Kaybee throwing shade at Cassper?

Prince Kaybee should work at home affairs the way he is giving people new names.

The DJ, who spawned the nicknames “Drop Suspension” and “Shotpan” for Cassper Nyovest, had fans in meltdown mode on Monday when he referred to a rival as "Sasko Sam".

It all started when Prince Kaybee was told by a fan to mind his own business, as reports of his feud with producer TNS resurfaced at the weekend.

Prince Kaybee hit back with a bit of spice for an unnamed rival who is “probably the reason why hip-hop is suffering busy in hit makers issues”.

Many thought the dig was directed at Cassper, who last week criticised Prince Kaybee for a comment he once made about TNS being broke. Talking to MacG on Podcast and Chill with MacG, Kaybee insinuated that the producer was so broke he didn't have underwear and said he was showering with shampoo.

One fan was so convinced Kaybee was referring to Cass that he compared the two in a collage.

Kaybee found it amusing and told the follower, “you don’t have to be this person”.

Others were also sure he was referring to Cass. Some joined in the joke, while others defended Mufasa.