Linda Mtoba has no time for trolls crucifying her for not revealing her baby's name

03 December 2019 - 09:51 By Unathi Nkanjeni
Linda Mtoba shut down trolls on social media.
Linda Mtoba shut down trolls on social media.
Image: Via Linda Mtoba Instagram

Actress and new mommy Linda Mtoba is not here for trolls coming at her about her baby or when she's revealing “Beans” name.

The star gave birth to a girl last month and took to Twitter this week to ask people to stop asking her for the name of her child as she isn't planning on sharing it with the public any time soon.

“Please stop asking for Beans name, I haven’t shared it and I don’t plan on doing so,” Linda wrote.

She also set a social media user straight after he said she was being “too much” and that she wasn't the first woman “who's married with a newborn”. 

Linda said people love to be rude and are then shocked when they get a taste of their own their medicine, adding that she will not take insults lightly.