‘They make a cute couple’: Fans want Donald and Cici to date

05 December 2019 - 06:00 By Masego Seemela
Fans are calling on Donald and Cici to start dating already.
Fans are calling on Donald and Cici to start dating already.
Image: Instagram/ Donald Moatshe

Fans can't seem to get over footage of Donald Moatshe and Cici behind the scenes of their music video, Landela, with some even pushing for a romantic relationship.

While shooting his music video with Cici, Donald shared behind-the-scenes footage of what went down while he was working with the songstress. 

He captioned the video, “You can't buy this type of chemistry”. This got social media users thinking there was a little more than just two musicians coming together, judging from their giggles and eye contact. 

Tweeps were so into the pair being a couple that they started a hashtag called #DonaldLovesCici. 

An Instagram user was so taken by their chemistry that she suggested they start dating. 

Tagging Cici, Donald jokingly replied, “Let's give the people what they want”.

To many people's surprise, Cici said, “Lets”, adding laughing and in-love emojis.  

Donald shared a screenshot of the conversation on Twitter, presumably in case he needs it as evidence in future.

Here's a look at the music video and the reactions on social media.