Zozi has taught our children to embrace their natural selves, says Zizo Tshwete

14 December 2019 - 10:00 By Masego Seemela
Zizo Tshwete is inspired by Zozibini Tunzi.
Zizo Tshwete is inspired by Zozibini Tunzi.
Image: Instagram

TV personality Zizo Tshwete is inspired by the way newly-crowned Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi is embracing her African roots and representing SA.

The nation woke up to the news of Zozibini's win on Monday morning, with many congratulating her for being true to herself and real beauty.

Inspired by Miss Universe's confidence to compete on a big stage with her natural hair and beauty, Zizo said on Instagram: “Very few things have ever been more important to me than advocating for ‘the alternative’ to be both represented and respected!

“Zozibini, together with all South Africans and everybody who stood behind you, you have all sent a very clear message to our children that our authentic selves have a space in the universe!

“I am crying typing this up! I am beyond proud of this milestone in your life. If anybody needs reminding that our absolute wildest dreams are possible — today is that exact reminder,” Zizo said.

She then wished Zozibini well on her journey and in all she planned to do.

“Zozibini, may you continue to be guided to execute your mission with the purity of heart, unconditional love for all who you will impact and go on to be effective in every single space that you occupy! Camagu, Sisi omhle! Camagu!”

Zozibini won the pageant in Atlanta, Georgia, US, on Sunday.