DJ Zinhle: Kairo’s independence comes from me and AKA always being on the road

17 December 2019 - 11:59
By Masego Seemela
DJ Zinhle said her daughter, Kairo, is very independent.
Image: DJ Zinhle/Instagram DJ Zinhle said her daughter, Kairo, is very independent.

DJ Zinhle and AKA's daughter Kairo Forbes is fast becoming a star in her own right and, according to her mom, is very independent.

“Kairo’s independence comes from me and Kiernan (AKA) always being on the road,” Zinhle said during her interview with Tarryn Kay Trussel van Louw on her show, The MVP Club recently.

Zinhle was a “super-decisive” child and she believes this was inborn as she doesn't think she taught her daughter how to be the way she is.

“I'm so blessed, she's so amazing. She's very independent, super-kind, very affectionate, very decisive, more decisive than me.

“I don't know where she gets it. I'm a new parent so I don't know if we taught her that or whether she came like that if there's a pre-package that you get. She's super-independent and I think the independence comes from how Kiernan and I are just always on the road and  always at work.”

Zinhle said Kairo understands that mommy and daddy have to work.

“It also comes from having conversations with her and she understands. We have real conversations with her, like she and I have this thing where we're like 'I need to talk to you'.”

Zinhle said she has conversations with her daughter where they both check in on how the other is doing.

A month ago Kairo stunned Mzansi with her first collaboration with her mother for a new Era by DJ Zinhle kiddies' watch called the Kairo Era.

Speaking to the Sunday Times at her home in Fourways, Johannesburg, Zinhle said Kairo's grandmother, Lynn Forbes, had been running Kairo’s brand since the child’s birth.

“Kairo as a brand is the brainchild of Lynn. It’s something Lynn put together so it makes sense for her to run with it.'

“Kiernan and I obviously have input in what she does at the end. Even before Kairo was born, Lynn was the one who was into the brand, getting partners.”