Ntsiki Mazwai's eventful year on the TL

22 December 2019 - 14:00 By Masego Seemela
Ntsiki Mazwai left many people stunned on social media this year.
Ntsiki Mazwai left many people stunned on social media this year.
Image: Ntsiki Mazwai

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai is as controversial as they come and this year, she did the most.

Ntsiki found herself on the trends list on several occasions and got into more than a few heated exchanges. 


In August, after hosting a talk show called, Show Me Love, Moja Love distanced itself from Ntsiki Mazwai over comments she made about Leanne Manas. 

The poet made headlines and topped the Twitter trends list when she weighed in on a conversation about Leanne celebrating 15 years as a host on Morning Live. In a series of tweets, she said she did not think Leanne was doing an amazing job, but was white and "enjoying privilege".

She further claimed that the host was ignorant about black culture and called it "white privilege in action". 

As social media users debated Ntsiki's comments, with many slamming the star, Moja Love issued an official statement distancing itself from her views.

"The views expressed by Ntsiki Mazwai are not those of the channel and were expressly made by Ms Mazwai in her personal capacity. Moja Love values, loves and respects all South Africans and we celebrate all the diversity that enriches our country.

"We do not condone any form of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, gender, race, culture or in any other form," the statement read, wishing Leanne a happy 15th work anniversary.

In November, shortly after announcing her departure from Moja Love, she claimed the channel did nothing to boost her career.

Actually Moja Love did nothing for me to be honest. It used to stress my audience that I wasn't free to speak. The minute I stopped at Moja Love suddenly everybody was paying attention to me and making me trend every three days. Let's be honest.”


While the country was excited about this year's pageant being on Women's Day, Ntsiki  however, didn't share the same sentiments as she dragged Miss SA pageant organisers for giving a "false" notion of women empowerment. 

Sharing her feels about the pageant, Ntsiki took to Twitter and wrote, "The irony of #MissSA2019 being on Women's Day because what it means to be a woman is to prance around naked and compete to be better looking than other women, well-done patriarchy you won this round."

While some praised her for pointing out what people were afraid to say aloud, others felt that she was being a "hypocrite".

They pointed out that Ntsiki once posed naked, even though it was for a different cause. 

She then clapped back and said, "This is how women learn to hate each other because society tells them that it's about being better looking than other women."


In October, Ntsiki once again got tongues wagging on social media after she questioned whether Bonang Matheba "owns" her Woolworths lingerie line, or was just another "influencer". 

Ntsiki, who is not one to mince her words, shared a tweet in which she questioned whether Woolworths was using B's name through her Distraction by Bonang lingerie line and her MCC range House of BNG

Ntsiki wrote: “I once asked ... does Bonang own the Distraction line and House of BNG or is it her name Woolworths is using? Because yazi, I'm seeing Mihlali."

Bonang, however, was unfazed by all the shade and kept things moving. In fact, she made it clear she is a busy woman whose time is precious. 

In true B style, her reply was a stinging clap back in itself. 

“I don't have time for nonsense," she tweeted. 


Ntsiki once again sparked fierce debate when she tweeted that she would like to see Bonang appear on a current affairs show to be asked some “serious questions”.

She added spice by suggesting that Bonang should not be given the questions she would be asked before the interview.

“They mustn't give her the questions prior to go research ... and she mustn't be shy about not knowing things. Just be herself and throw in her political social commentary,” Ntsiki tweeted.

Her comments were seen by many as an attempt to undermine Bonang's intelligence and “embarrass” her.

Ntsiki denied this, saying that she was not being judgmental. Instead, she is interested in hearing Bonang's take on current affairs.


"I find them to be an apartheid trigger", that's what she tweeted when the Springboks were preparing to battle England in the final of the Rugby World Cup in October. 

They then later won the World Rugby and got the country singing a song of unity.

She went on to say that the “rugby situation” in the country was an indication to her of how “mentally damaged we are”.

“When I look at this rugby situation I see how mentally damaged we are ... excited for crumbs while we uphold white supremacy.”

She then went on to slam those who had "deliberately excluded" black people from the national team.

I don't know if you are familiar with how big rugby is especially in the Xhosa culture. I don't know how you rationalise this deliberate exclusion of black people from the national team. I don't know how your mind is working. I'm stunned.”