AKA’s clapback at 'xenophobic SA' claims has the internet spinning

31 December 2019 - 10:32 By Kyle Zeeman
AKA blasted a tweep who accused SA of being xenophobic.
AKA blasted a tweep who accused SA of being xenophobic.
Image: Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Moeletsi Mabe

AKA has made it clear that he is not here for anyone calling SA xenophobic, and will even get personal if people don't listen.

Earlier this year the rapper made headlines when he demanded an apology from Nigerian muso Burna Boy for claims he made about “his people” being killed in SA. 

AKA has also been involved in twars with people on Twitter over the issue, and when a user came creeping with another claim that SA was xenophobic, the rapper responded with a stinging clapback.

The user said that while SA and AKA were “doing xenophobia”, Ghana was making money by letting people in.

AKA wasn't about to have an intellectual argument and went straight for the jugular.

“Your avi looks like your breath stinks,” AKA wrote, before labelling those fighting against him as “irritating”.

The Megacy was shooketh to the core and flooded TLs with memes and messages in reaction to the clapbacks.

Their responses ranged from telling their idol to ignore the trolls, to encouraging him to “finish” the haters.

In short, it was a mess bigger than the clean-up after a New Year's Eve party.