Inside Thickleeyonce & Ntsiki Mazwai’s spicy exchange over weaves

13 January 2020 - 13:05 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Poet Ntsiki Mazwai won't compromise on her anti-weave stance.
Poet Ntsiki Mazwai won't compromise on her anti-weave stance.
Image: Instagram/Ntsiki Mazwai

It’s 2020 and Ntsiki Mazwai is still frequently making her way to the trends list for her anti-weave stance.

This time her fire was ignited by a now deleted tweet from  Thickleeyonce, who "highlighted" Ntsiki’s love for the weave versus natural hair topic.

The popular photographer and plus-size model seemed to jokingly liken Ntsiki with a meme that shows women intensely staring at a computer.

This after Ntsiki tweeted a screenshot of her Google image search that shows white women and their hair.

"Weaves are an imitation of white hair..... Ayijiji because you're not ready," read the screengrab caption.

While most tweeps sided with Ntsiki, some questioned why the poet won’t let other black women wear weaves without shaming them.

Meanwhile, Thickleeyonce’s tweet was seen as “cyber-bullying” by Ntsiki, who went on to point out that the same plus-size model loves to accuse people of bullying her.

"Then she is gonna cry that she is being bullied and has depression akere?" Ntsiki tweeted.

Check Ntsiki's argument below...

You've probably heard it before but she used different words in case we didn't understand her the first 100 times.

As per Twitter-normal, the debate went on for hours until it ended up with Ntsiki at the centre.

People questioned her personal aesthetic and the fact that she has used "appearance enhancers" such as make-up.