Sho Madjozi is on the BBC's list of big artists to watch out for in 2020, and we're so proud!

Sis stays winning!

15 January 2020 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Sho is tipped for even bigger things in 2020.
Sho is tipped for even bigger things in 2020.
Image: Gallo Images/ Dereck Green

If winning at life was a person it would be Sho Madjozi, with the SA musician earmarked for huge things in 2020 by the BBC UK.

The star, who made the iconic international Vogue World 100 list of people to watch in 2019, kicked off this year with a spot on the prestigious BBC 1Xtra Hot for 2020 list.

It includes 15 artists from around the world who are tipped for big things this year.

Sis has been raking in awards and recognition worldwide for the past two years and the BBC said she was “bringing the sound of gqom to the masses”.

Sis couldn't help but freak out a little at the accolade and tweeted about how she was casually sitting on the list.

Sho's stans were super-amped about the announcement and flooded her mentions and comments section with messages of congratulations.

Sho spoke about representing the country overseas in a feature on Billboard late last year, saying being compared to SA artists such as Black Coffee and Trevor Noah, who are winning big internationally, made her proud.

“It does a lot to people’s self-esteem, like, ‘Whoa, finally these people see us as equals’. It makes a lot of Africans proud and happy when they see you getting that recognition. It’s hard to tell people, ‘Be proud of yourself', if the rest of the world is like, 'But you ain’t sh*t'." 

She told TshisaLIVE she was excited to see her music grow organically overseas.

“I just went to Colors and performed. The responses that came after that I did not expect. I am glad that people are finally giving me props as I have been hard at work, pushing myself to get where I am today. But I believe that globally I am still on the come up.”