Rosie Motene defends DJ's 'you'll not reduce my qualifications to my vagina' rant


16 January 2020 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Rosie Motene weighed in on the debate.
Rosie Motene weighed in on the debate.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

Former Generations actress Rosie Motene has defended Mutale Mwanza after the Zambian DJ told listeners to not reduce her value to her vagina.

Mutale got listeners on Zambia's Hot FM, uh, hot under the collar when she ranted on-air about people who disrespect her and her qualifications.

“Talk about the lengths of my hair and I don't care so much. Those are conversations, those are personal decisions, but the minute you begin to reduce my qualifications to my female reproductive organ, we have a problem because what are you teaching society? ... because I am a women you want to intimidate me?” the star said in a clip published on the Zambian Observer.

She later shared a poster on Twitter with the words, “you will not reduce my qualifications to my vagina”.

Her comments sparked a huge debate on social media with some calling for her to be boycotted and pulled off air.

One tweep was offended by what he claimed was Mutale's “extreme vulgarity” and compared it to the circumstances around SA's DJ Fresh being fired from Metro FM for using an adaptation of the isiZulu swear word “msunery” in response to a listener while on air.

Rosie was not here for it and challenged the man on his claims, explaining that “the word vagina is a biological word”.

“Extreme vulgarity!? So the case with DJ Fresh is very different to this one! The word vagina is a biological word, you may check with any medical practitioner! Secondly, she was standing up for herself! Check yourself before you type any more nonsense!” Rosie wrote.

Actress Penny Lebyane also weighed in on the debate, asking what was so vulgar about the word?