WATCH | Good guy! The Game steps in to stop cops 'harassing' kids for selling sweets

22 January 2020 - 19:00 By Kyle Zeeman
The Game came to the kids' rescue.
The Game came to the kids' rescue.
Image: Louise Wilson

Guys! Superheroes do exist! If you don't believe us, then you haven't heard what US rapper The Game did for neighbourhood kids who were allegedly descended on by cops for selling sweets at night.

According to TMZ, the muso was leaving a restaurant in LA when he came across a commotion between youngsters and police officers. In a video, the rapper said police had confronted the kids and he had stepped in to make sure there were no issues.

He gave the children enough cash to cover the sweets they were selling and sent them on their way with the confectionery.

“So we got kids out here selling candy. We got the boys in blue who have to do their job, we got me who’s giving jewels to the youth. If you going to sell candy at night there’s a way to do it, because we don’t want you to get hit by the boys in blue. We want you to go home with an empty basket of candy,” he said.

Social media praised The Game for his gesture, hailing him a modern-day Superman.

The Game has been vocal about police brutality, even releasing a song in 2016 about the scourge, entitled Let Me Know.

“Where the body cams at when they killed Sandra Bland though? Where's the justice system at when the cops go Rambo? Black lives matter when we are talking about Phillando but All Lives Matter when we talking about Orlando?” the rapper said on the song.