Three things fans learnt about Masechaba after her Metro FM interview finally happened

24 January 2020 - 14:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Masechaba Ndlovu wants law to change so that a third party can report when a woman is being abused.
Masechaba Ndlovu wants law to change so that a third party can report when a woman is being abused.
Image: Via Instagram

After what was a dramatic couple of hours for Masechaba Ndlovu's fans, the presenter finally made it onto the Metro FM airwaves for an interview with MoFlava.  

This after the interview,  initially scheduled for Thursday morning, was cancelled at the 11th hour by Metro FM big wigs and for unknown reasons. 

Some fans thought it could have been because of Masechaba's history with the station.  

At the start of 2019, Masechaba's contract with Metro was not renewed, reportedly due to the controversial live interview she conducted with Wololo hitmaker Babes Wodumo. At the time Masechaba confronted Babes about allegedly being abused by her boyfriend and record label owner, Mampintsha. 

Fans did not take the sudden cancellation of Masechaba's interview lightly, and flooded her TL with questions to Metro FM.

After a few hours Masechaba had a rescheduled time slot. 

It was a refreshing candid conversation, and here are three stand-out moments. 

1. Masechaba's parenting skills are on another level. She has a system in place that will blow your socks off.

"Regardless of how old they are, I sit them down every evening before we go to sleep because I take them seriously. I sit them down and I say:, 'Let's talk about tomorrow morning, when we wake up in the morning. Here are the chores. Who is doing what?' There's a system and they enjoy it because they are all part of the system."

2. To date, Masechaba will not mince her words as far as Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo are concerned. Her stance is "no regret!"

"There was no way I was going to sit and let this young girl continue to be abused and continue to be oppressed in the way she was.  That's when I told her not to say more  because I didn't want to compromise he. I told her that 'I know you are being abused'. Granted, our job is to ask questions but I removed myself from my job and decided to be a human and a woman, because she was afraid to reveal this herself on air because he was verbally abusing her on the phone and threatening her. Abuse is not a private matterAbuse is a crime," Masechaba said.

3. There shall be no "mind your own business" policy for Masechaba. She wants to bring change to society and the justice system.

"I am in the process of fighting for the law to change so we can introduce a third party policy. I should be able to - when I see your partner abuse you - report him on your behalf. Because chances are, if you have been there for that long, you are psychologically damaged."