WATCH | Lasizwe: You are broke, please sit still and stop forcing things

25 January 2020 - 12:00
Lasizwe's skit got a bit personal.
Image: Via Lasizwe's Instagram Lasizwe's skit got a bit personal.

Ever run into a video on the TL that left you feeling attacked, like it was personally addressed to you? Well ... that is exactly how tweeps felt when Lasizwe took his cue from the legendary Ntate Thuso Motaung and asked people why they don't just sit their broke selves down?

It shouldn't have left so many people in their feels, but it's January and being broke gets annoyingly personal in this month, so ... *insert shrug*

Anyway, in the video, a skit, Lasizwe puts on his weave and doek, and goes straight for the kill: “Lala ... you don't have money ... to be busy maan ... Sit still. It's okay to be at home yazi?”

Whew, you should have seen the comments. LOL (and we only laugh because it is painfully true), they went from broken-heart emojis to “this cut through my heart”, straight to “ku rough apha”.

Watch the video below.