Actress Talitha Ndima lifts the lid on three productions getting canned on TV

26 January 2020 - 16:00 By Masego Seemela
Actress Talitha Ndima talks about the cut that will affect local actors.
Actress Talitha Ndima talks about the cut that will affect local actors.
Image: Talitha Ndima/ Instagram

Actress Talitha Ndima has lifted the lid on struggles in the entertainment industry and revealed how actors are losing their jobs.

Talitha shared a thread on Twitter this week explaining that big TV productions were canned on TV without giving notice to their talent.

“Ey man. Three big TV productions ending right now at the beginning of the year. On SABC3, and Mzansi. Two of them prematurely. On one show people showed up to work on the first day of the shoot this month and were told to go home because the show was no more.”

The well-known actress warned that the situation could soon see actors become desperate for work and undervalue themselves.

“Unfortunately, this means there will be lots of desperation for new work and rate fees stand a big chance of being cut because of the influx of out of work actors and crew, because that's how the world works.”

She advised artists starting out in the industry to do thorough research on call fees so that they don't fall victim by being forced to work at a cheaper rate.

“If you're new in the industry please research call fees and don't fall into the trap of being cheap labour, because all this does is drive down everyone else's call fees, plus Uzolamba. Unfortunately kubi ngoku. Look out for each other, please.”