Brenda Mtambo defends Somizi & Mohale from homophobic comments

Meanwhile, Mohale reflected on difficulties he has overcome...

03 February 2020 - 11:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Brenda Mtambo told a hater to take the debate about homosexuality to their own page.
Brenda Mtambo told a hater to take the debate about homosexuality to their own page.
Image: Via Brenda Mtambo's Instagram

Singer Brenda Mtambo has warned all those who have a negative opinion about Somizi and Mohale's sexuality to stay off her social media platforms.

The musician, like many of us, was stannin hard at the couple's recent white wedding, and took to social media over the weekend to gush about the pair.

Love is beautiful. I am so happy for you two that you found each other and we’ve witnessed your love for each other. God richly bless you,” she wrote, next a pic of the two exchanging their vows.

While many shared Brenda's sentiments, one user expressed his shock at the post and said “Satan is at work”.

He said the Bible was clear that their union was “against the will of God for his creation and reproduction of human life”.

Brenda made it clear that she would not tolerate such homophobia on her TL. 

“Why do you guys like doing this on my posts? Like couldn’t you have posted your own and discuss, ke, These are people I love and I posted them because I wanted to celebrate them. This is my page. If you are not happy you can easily pass and say nothing.

“You guys like using the Bible when it’s suits you. Focus on why you are so concerned and check what the Bible says about that.”

Brenda added that she would post whatever she wanted to on her social media pages.

This post is mine about people I love and I am close to. Post your own and have this conversation there." 

Meanwhile, Mohale took to Twitter over the weekend to reflect on the difficulties he had overcome and the lessons this had taught him.

“Yesterday someone said to me: 'I would’ve never guessed you’ve been through what you have, you carry yourself so well.' That’s when I realised, it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it. Goodnight. "