'It was my fault': Somizi takes the blame for Cassper's wedding outfit moemish

05 February 2020 - 09:38 By Masego Seemela
Somizi has stood up for his buddy, Cassper Nyovest.
Somizi has stood up for his buddy, Cassper Nyovest.
Image: YouTube/ Karen Zoid

Somizi has hit back at claims that rapper Cassper Nyovest was “clout chasing” when he wore the wrong outfit to his and Mohale's white wedding, telling Mzansi he was to blame for the mishap.

Social media users were up in arms last week when the rapper failed to keep to the “all-white” theme at the much anticipated #Somhale nuptials.

After Cass was ridiculed and labelled an “attention-seeker”, his “uncle”, SomG, stepped in to set the record straight.

Somizi shared a video on Instagram this week saying he informally invited Cassper to the wedding and forgot to remind his event planners to let the rapper know the dress code.

“So, what happened was that I requested him to come and perform at the wedding over the phone. We were texting each other and talking over the phone.

“And when he agreed to perform I did not hand over the information to the wedding planners so that they could send the same information they sent to all the guests, like the theme and so forth. I was just communicating with him at the time ...”

Somizi added that the rapper had issues getting into the venue, with security initially refusing him entry.

“He tried to get a hold of me, but because there were no cellphones allowed he couldn't. So, I feel bad that he got attacked for something he had nothing to do with.

“So please SA, understand that it is not his fault.”

“It's completely my fault and again, to Cassper, thank you so much, my friend. The friend that you are, even after being as frustrated as you were in the beginning, you still made an effort to make sure that you came in and performed for your friend. I love you and I thank you. Anything you need, let me know.” 

Cassper replied to the video, saying he didn't expect SomG to respond to the hate publicly, because they had spoken privately about the matter.

“But it shows that you will show up for me as I will do for you. You should be enjoying your new marriage, but you took the time and posted this. Thank you. Love you, my dawg. Congrats again,” Cassper said.