OPINION | Take it easy on Anele - working the red carpet is no joke!

13 February 2020 - 07:07 By Masego Seemela
Anele Mdoda drew mixed reactions over the way she handled the Oscars red carpet.
Anele Mdoda drew mixed reactions over the way she handled the Oscars red carpet.
Image: Instagram/Anele Mdoda

Holding a mic and speaking to someone might look easy - that's why y'all thought Anele flopped on the Oscars red carpet - but sit down and let me tell you something...

The radio star jetted off to the US recently for M-Net's red-carpet special. But little did she know that people were going to troll her for the way she hustled to get those high-profile interviews.

While her industry mates hailed her for being able to bring the night's events to our screens, many felt that it was “cringeworthy” watching their fave shouting her lungs out to get Hollywood A-listers to look in her direction.

As awkward as many felt it to be, the reality is that this is simply how things go down at red-carpet events. You really need to hustle to get celebrities' attention.

Think of it this way, especially in Anele's case: there were about a 100 publications present on the red carpet. Each and every one of them wanted the attention of the stars on the carpet.

I mean, what did you want Anele to do - wait for the stars to come to her?

For a journalist, being on any red carpet isn't as easy as some might think. There are so many things to take note of when interviewing a prominent person, from where you're stationed to the time you're given with him or her.

What also needs to be taken into account is that even though your publication or credentials may get you onto the red carpet, it doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to speak to a particular star.

That's why Anele did what she had to in order to bring you the content you deserve.

I don't get why people would troll someone who was raising the flag high and representing us the best way she knows how.

Anele trended on Twitter - to the point where she had to set the record straight on what really goes down at the Oscars.

“Wait, so people think A-listers go to the Oscars to grant us interviews without us having to fight for them? I screamed Trevor Noah’s name last year to get his attention - and I’m his friend," she told her followers.

"I'm glad you lot will never be on that carpet, because you would be wasting M-Net’s money!”

She went on to explain that media from about the world were given one mandate: to interview as many A-listers as they could. 

That's why she was acting the way she was. Now Anele's screaming to get the attention of those A-listers makes sense. 

So before you pass judgment, put yourself in Anele's shoes.