'We are extremely blessed': Rolene Strauss welcomes her second child

13 February 2020 - 08:29 By Kyle Zeeman
Former Miss World Rolene Strauss has given birth to her second child.
Former Miss World Rolene Strauss has given birth to her second child.
Image: Gallo Images / Beeld / Conrad Bornman

Former Miss World Rolene Strauss and her husband, D'Niel Strauss, have welcomed their second child, a boy.

Rolene announced the good news in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

She said their little one was born late on Monday and weighed 4.4kg.

Posting a snap of the newborn holding his brother Charl's finger, Rolene promised the little guy he would always have a big brother to guide him through life.

โ€œWelcome, Little Love ๐Ÿ’™. We are so grateful to welcome you to our little family of officially four. Your big brother is ready to hold your hand on this journey called life.โ€

Rolene said her family was overjoyed at the new arrival and loving all the cuddles they were getting.

โ€œWe are extremely blessed to both be healthy, happy and enjoying endless cuddles.โ€

Rolene gave birth to Charl in January 2017.

She announced this pregnancy late last year via a game on her YouTube channel.

In a video, titled โ€œbig announcementโ€, the beauty queen asked viewers to play Pictionary with her. She then drew images, while people guessed what the big news was.

She has since been keeping fans in the loop on her journey and last week posted a picture of her on date night with her bump on full display.

In another post she shared how excited she was to welcome her little one.